AI/ML Software Engineer

Lund / Full Time / Remote OK

About Backtick

At Backtick, we’re a mix of software engineers, data engineers and data scientists. We're a small consultancy company helping our customers go from data to production machine learning systems. Backtick is a leading company in MLOps and open sourced Cowait early 2020. We embrace remote work, provided that you can communicate and collaborate effectively with your team. Our office is in central Lund.


We're looking for a software engineer to join our team. In this role, your assignment will be facilitation of tools and environments for data scientists in both Proof of Concept work as well as full scale data science projects, ensuring sound software principles in data centric ecosystems. As one of the core team members, your role will require broad understanding of the imposed challenges from a business perspective, as well as a solid hands on expertise in areas like web API's, cloud infrastructure, databases, CI/CD and testing.


You have a strong background in computer science or similar fields. You have a curious mind and are eager to learn. Ideally, you have a positive mindset around open source. You value simplicity and performance. In addition, you have:

  • Empathy and a humble attitude
  • Ability to work independently
  • Basic understanding of AI/ML/DS and the most common tools used within the ecosystem
  • Ability to collaborate and enhance engineers coming from less development heavy environments, such as mathematics and statistics

You have experience working with:

  • Python and one or more other programming language, such as Go, Scala or JavaScript
  • One or more web frameworks - Flask, FastAPI, Express, Spring or similar, depending your preferred language
  • Linux, shell scripting, git
  • A few different database types such as SQL, MongoDB, InfluxD, Redis or similar
  • One or more CI tools, such as Jenkins, CircleCI, GithubActions, Concourse or similar
  • At least one cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Docker

You're familiar with, or at least have a basic understanding of the purpose of the following:

  • Infrastructure as code, such as Terraform, CDK
  • Basic data science tools, such as Jupyter, Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn
  • Object storage, such as S3, Minio or similar

Working at Backtick

At Backtick, we strive first and foremost to provide value to our customers. However, we also spend significant resources on R&D and product development. We encourage you to work on whatever you want every other Friday. In addition, we organize an autumn adventure trip every year, as well as the ever more popular hackathon Codecation, which in 2021 takes place at Silverfield Villa.


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work hours and vacation
  • $500 stipend for your home office, should you work remote
  • A generous budget for hardware, education and tools
  • Lots of fun gear to play around with (3d-printer, bare metal office cluster)
  • Possibility to purchase shares in the company
  • Fika and breakfasts


If you are interested in this position, please reach out with a brief introduction and your resume to:

Michal Stypa,



Sockerkokaregatan 21

222 36 Lund


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