AI-Startup recruits top talent while settling in Lund
2019-09-23 15.07
The AI-startup Backtick Technologies, founded by the consult duo Michal Stypa and Oskar Handmark (who recently worked for a secret American tech-giant in Malmö), moved in last week in the new Mindpark co-working space in downtown Lund. They are now accelerating their company by recruiting Erik Wilson, founder of, and Birger Kleve, previously responsible for ramping up Sigma Connectivity's Machine Learning ventures.

Backtick Technologies specialize in challenging AI-consultancy projects within machine learning for some of the hottest series-A startups today, with the goal to develop their own AI-products next year.

"The startups we work with are often a few years ahead of the traditional industry, they move faster and are highly specialized in doing one thing exceptionally well. These founders also already know all the benefits of the latest technologies and therefore come to us", says Michal Stypa
"In the past months, we have grown from 2 to 5 employees and now have one of the best lineups I can imagine for what is about to come", says Oskar Handmark, CEO of Backtick.

In addition, Johan Henriksson, a talented systems architect joined the company earlier this spring. His mission is to guide the development of Backticks upcoming products.

Erik Wilson, previously founder of the Lund-startup Bylife, joins as Head of Innovation, to establish the company on the market but also to ‘mom-test’ the industry.

Backtick’s mission is to do a product journey starting next year. We plan to do the right thing from the start and meet the industry to find their real pain-points when it comes to how they work with their data today and their data infrastructure. It is that journey, and the amazing team, that made me join, says Erik Wilson.

What the product will contain, in more detail, Erik refuses to reveal at this moment. Only that they have more exciting news ahead, with more top-talent recruiting and expansion plans.

Lund, 2019-09-23 15.07 For more information:
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