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Customer stories

One of Sweden’s largest audiobook and e-reading platforms.

Backtick implemented and productionised a book classifier to streamline internal management processes and speed up publication of new content.

Enables online businesses to detect and prevent user account fraud.

Backtick created an entire AI pipeline for Castle - enabling the company to create, develop, test, deploy and maintain AI models for rapid real-time anomaly detection.

End-to-end encryption provider.

Backtick created an event stream management system for a smoother experience in Hyker’s encryption platform.

Award winning consultancy firm.

As Berge's in-house AI-team, Backtick delivers data science solutions to cutting edge tech companies around the world.


Backtick has partnerships with the following incredible companies and people. We are all here to help.

Backtick & Predli complement each other to provide services spanning from business development & strategy to implementation.

Backtick & Coiled Computing collaborate on projects of distributed nature. We're proud to work with Matthew Rocklin - together we help organizations succeed with Dask.

Backtick & Vaex work side by side in big data environments. PhD level data scientists and engineers complement our team in areas like machine learning, scientific research and astronomy. Vaex allows us to analyze, explore and perform machine learning on datasets too large to fit in memory - without the need of leaving a single machine.

The Backtick Model

80:20 workflow

A company's most valuable resource is time. We prioritize getting end-to-end as quickly as possible to provide a tighter feedback loop.

Full-stack in-house

We have all the necessary skills in our team & network - business developers, data scientists, data engineers and full stack developers.

Stack as a Service

We've tackled a multitude of challenges in previous projects and developed several data science related stacks and toolkits to get started faster.

Talented partners

Backtick has formed relationships with extremely talented engineers, scientists and creators of some of the most impactful open source projects. We're all here to help.