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Building AI & ML powered applications starts with knowledge about the business case and domain. Combining data understanding and enrichment with machine learning algorithms allows us to identify patterns in the data impossible to compute with traditional programming. Our data science team are experts in statistics, machine learning, deep learning and algorithms. The infrastructure team facilitates the necessary building blocks. The data engineering team provides the fuel to make the AI stack possible. We’re here to help.

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We offer consultancy services in anything related to data, infrastructure, AI & ML or application development.

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Adventure planning and decision-making using KMeans clustering


3 min read

Oskar Handmark

Adventure planning and decision-making using KMeans clustering. A post about solving a real everyday life problem by grouping people with similar wishes using data analysis and machine learning.

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NLP: Gaining insights from text reviews


12 min read

Fredrik Olsson

A look at various NLP tasks one can perform on text reviews to extract different kinds of information using machine learning

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Göteborgsvarvet Part 3 - Finish time prediction


7 min read

Oskar Handmark

Göteborgsvarvet Part 3 - How to use machine learning to predict runner finishing times. We use a number of carefully engineered features to train multiple Ridge Regression models for half marathon finish time predictions at different stages of the race.

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A bit more technical

A deep dive in gradient boosting with LightGBM


10 min read

Fredrik Olsson

A closer look at lightgbm, the mathematics behind gradient boosting and survival prediction for titanic passengers.

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Pricing financial options using Monte Carlo simulations


7 min read

Fredrik Olsson

A dive into the world of finance and specifically financial options. We will have a look at how these contracts can be priced using Monte Carlo simulations.

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Detecting snow and cloud patches in satellite images


7 min read

Fredrik Olsson

In this post, we will take a look at our approach to solve the problem of detecting snow and cloud patches in real world satellite images during the Copericus Hackathon 2020.

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Customer Stories

A few of the many cases we have worked on.

One of Sweden’s largest audiobook and e-reading platforms.

Backtick implemented and productionised a book classifier to streamline internal management processes and speed up publication of new content.

Enables online businesses to detect and prevent user account fraud.

Backtick created an entire AI pipeline for Castle - enabling the company to create, develop, test, deploy and maintain AI models for rapid real-time anomaly detection.

End-to-end encryption provider.

Backtick created an event stream management system for a smoother experience in Hyker’s encryption platform.

Award winning consultancy firm.

As Berge's in-house AI-team, Backtick delivers data science solutions to cutting edge tech companies around the world.



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