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We help businesses succeed with software engineering projects involving data, algorithms & ML.

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Michal & Oskar, Founders

 What we do

We build quality software

We work closely with founders, executives and engineering teams to build great software and make things better. When your product or service needs AI, bleeding edge technology from the latest research, additional smartness or properly engineered software that scales, we can help.

Backtick was founded by former Apple engineers. We specialize in AI, machine learning and data engineering with clients in the US and Europe.

 Featured Cases

Making things better

Explore the work we do with a few of our customers.


Pipelines & Big data

Striving towards a passwordless future, Castle determines the authenticity of your identity using AI. We were tasked with designing and implementing Castle’s state-of-the-art AI-pipelines.

I really appreciate Backticks' ability to take an unfinished idea and converting it into a solid product, end-to-end. They use modern developer tools and best practices to create truly great software.

Sebastian Wallin

Sebastian Wallin

CTO, Castle


ML & Algorithms

Disrupting the world of waste management, we helped bintel introduce on-demand waste collections by predicting fill levels of all connected containers.

Thanks to Backtick, we were able to incorporate AI into our product with ease. Their flexibility in adapting to our startup’s time and budget constraints, combined with their expertise in AI and ability to integrate their solution into our existing infrastructure, made for a smooth and valuable experience.

Jennie Orton

Jennie Orton

CEO, bintel


ML & Deep learning

Trivector specializes in innovating next-generation transportation systems and transport with a focus on sustainability, climate impact, and social responsibility. In this project, we explored the usage of machine learning and deep learning for trip segmentation in Trivector's product, TravelVu.

We enjoyed combining our domain knowledge with Backtick's skills in machine learning. It surprised me how easy it was to work with Backtick and we've continued our partnership with them for multiple other projects!

Emeli Adell

Emeli Adell

Business area manager, Trivector



Preventing leaks, monitoring flows, preparing for the unforeseeable. We evaluated the potential for machine learning in the water industry.


How we work

Discover some different ways of working with us.

When you need a second opinion or help to navigate.

Sometimes, all you need is an opinion on how to proceed with your AI journey. This may include scoping, validation, technical know-how or simply an experienced engineer/architect that will help you and your team navigate the landscape of data and AI.

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 Working here

Balance, freedom, flexibility

Shaping the future should be fun. We believe in transparency, quality and innovation and we do our best to reflect these values in our work, customer relations and working environment.

I like where we're going with Backtick. We're building an incredibly strong team and we make sure to have fun while doing it.

Johan Henriksson

Johan Henriksson

CTO, Backtick Technologies

We exist to make consulting not suck for both employees, clients, startups and investors. We accomplish this through an exceptional engineering team, a startup mindset, and transparent equity models.


Building a better future

Backtick accelerates the transition towards a sustainable society by enabling our customers with advanced technology.

Open source

Gratitude and giving back

Appreciating the value of free quality software, we feel obligated to give back to the community. We realize that our contribution is small, but for us it’s about awareness and gratitude towards individuals whose work we use to make our solutions better.

 Our team

Innovators & Engineers

Our tight-knit team collectively shapes the culture and future of Backtick. We are a mix of software engineers, data scientists and entrepreneurs that work together to make things better and create remarkable technology.


Learn more

Explore our collection of written content about what we do, how we think and what's next.


Making consulting not suck

Blueberries on waffles

11 Jan 2023

At Backtick, we’re on a mission to make consulting not suck.

Oskar Handmark

Oskar Handmark

Founder & Venture lead


Backtick wins Årets Unga Företagare Skåne 2021

17 Aug 2022

After making it through to the Skåne finals, we're happy to announce that we've won the regional award and are headed for the national finals in Stockholm!

Michal Stypa

Michal Stypa

Founder & CEO

Machine Learning

Detecting snow and cloud patches in satellite images


07 Dec 2020

In this blogpost, we will look at how we solved the problem of detecting snow and clouds in real world satellite images using deep learning.

Fredrik Olsson

Fredrik Olsson

Data Scientist

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