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Artificial Intelligence

We help businesses succeed with software engineering projects involving data, algorithms & ML.
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Where we create value

Creating new value from data

Leverage your data to create new valuable products, features and customer offerings.
We help businesses become data driven with data analysis and by asking uncomfortable questions.

Sharing our knowledge

We build solutions with our customers, not for them.
We welcome you to include your team and learn how to do it yourself!

Modern problem solving

We solve previously impossible and very hard problems with the help of data, machine learning and algorithms.
Our solutions follow modern software engineering best practices, from tests to deployments.

Customer Stories

A few of the many cases we have worked on.
One of Sweden’s largest audiobook and e-reading platforms.
Backtick implemented and productionised a book classifier to streamline internal management processes and speed up publication of new content.
Enables online businesses to detect and prevent user account fraud.
Backtick created an entire AI pipeline for Castle - enabling the company to create, develop, test, deploy and maintain AI models for rapid real-time anomaly detection.
End-to-end encryption provider.
Backtick created an event stream management system for a smoother experience in Hyker’s encryption platform.
Award winning consultancy firm.
As Berge's in-house AI-team, Backtick delivers data science solutions to cutting edge tech companies around the world.

The AI Stack

And where we thrive
  • AI & ML

  • Analysis

  • Compute

  • Data & storage

  • Infrastructure


Building AI & ML powered applications starts with knowledge about the business case and domain. Combining data understanding and enrichment with machine learning & deep learning allows us to find patterns in the data and make predictions, classifications and forecasts. Our data science team are experts in statistics, machine learning, deep learning and algorithms.

We know

It is time for over 30 years of important research to be applied to the industry.
All current and future systems will require some sort of sophisticated smartness to stay competitive.

We think

Quality is important in our craft. We combine research level competence with modern, responsible software engineering principles to build robust and scalable solutions.

We deliver

Quality and rapid innovation.
Our team is not only specialized in data science and software engineering, but also in innovation and prototyping.

We can help you scale

Your data, AI and software operations


of executives believe they risk going out of business in 5 years if they don't scale AI.


of executives believe they won't achieve their growth objectives unless they scale AI.


of executives struggle with how to scale AI across their business.
Source: AI: Built to scale, Accenture

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