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We make consulting not suck

We exist to make consulting not suck for both employees, clients, startups and investors. We accomplish this through an exceptional engineering team, a startup mindset, and transparent equity models.


A tech focused venture studio

Our vision is to create a tech focused venture studio where talented engineers and innovators work together to produce engaging investment opportunities for both employees, startups and investors.

Consultancies and startups rarely see eye to eye. With the evolving landscape of remote work, talent shortage and companies struggling with employee retention, it is inevitable that something changes.

An alternative

Imagine if partnering with a consultancy firm could be an equivalent or better alternative than hiring your own talent.

At Backtick, we have seen that this is possible. Through our great engineering team and startup mindset, we build long term relationships to bring true value to our clients.

Engineering spaces

We create spaces where engineering, innovation and product development can thrive. A space where brilliant engineers engage in client work with the same passion they have for their own projects.

A space where opportunity is key. Where risk is reduced and upsides shared. A space where ideas are encouraged and rewards plentiful, for everybody.


The things we value the most as we progress towards reaching our vision.



We are here to make things better. From our products and services to our internal work, we deliver quality technology with sound engineering principles. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to tirelessly making things better.



We care for the fact that engineering is as much a creative process as it is skill and competence. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Backtick and we strive to be innovative not only in our new products and technical work, but also how we think about running and shaping the business.



We are open and honest with our customers and team members. We strive to create a culture of transparency that allows everyone to focus on actual work and having fun, not billable hours, salaries & hierarchy.

 Transparent communication


Our articles express our deepest philosophical thoughts. Check them out.


Transparent, superior equity models at Backtick

11 Jan 2023

A derisked startup route with higher expected value.

Oskar Handmark

Oskar Handmark

Founder & Venture lead


Making consulting not suck

Blueberries on waffles

11 Jan 2023

At Backtick, we’re on a mission to make consulting not suck.

Oskar Handmark

Oskar Handmark

Founder & Venture lead


Nurturing great engineers

11 Jan 2023

Why you should treat engineers as partners.

Oskar Handmark

Oskar Handmark

Founder & Venture lead

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