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Gratitude and giving back

As engineers, we understand the value and importance of open source projects. They enable us to build things faster. We expect the global community and contributors to make sure we don’t have to maintain software ourselves. Hence, many of our projects would not be possible without the help of open source software and the surrounding communities.

Working with many different projects and customers has its benefits. Recurring issues for which there are no available solutions turn into generalized software. Cowait, our own open source python project, is the result of such work.


Cowait is a python library for creating containerized distributed applications with asynchronous Python.

Containerized functions, called Tasks, can run locally in Docker or on remote Kubernetes clusters. Cowait allows you to create Docker containers directly from Python using async / await.

Because of the loose definition of what a Task could be, and the integration with Docker & Kubernetes, Cowait can be used to easily build many types of distributed applications.

 Giving back


Appreciating the value of free quality software, we feel obligated to give back to the community. We realize that our contribution is small, but for us it’s about awareness and gratitude towards individuals whose work we use to make our solutions better.

Therefore, Backtick has taken the decision to, during 2023 and onwards, donate cash to individuals and teams that are working on important open source projects. The donations will be disclosed on this page.

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