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Building a better future

Backtick accelerates the transition towards a sustainable society by enabling our customers with advanced technology.

While sustainability may not be our primary mission, our role as an engineering studio doesn't prevent us from embracing and working towards sustainability goals. As engineers, entrepreneurs, creators and fellow earth citizens, we feel the responsibility to promote sustainability and use our skills to build a better future.


Predictions & algorithms

Building smarter systems is part of our everyday work.

Our clients often contact us to build something better, smarter and more intelligent. Tasks such as reducing energy consumption, travel distances, logistics flows, scheduling, material usages and cloud usage optimizations are common.

Some of these clients are sustainability first companies with a clear mission to save our planet. Others have incorporated a sustainable future as a primary goal for the business. Regardless, Backtick prioritizes and implements smart solutions for these customers and organizations so that bleeding edge technology and brilliance can be used to create a sustainable world.

Together with other research institutes, governmental organs and private companies, we've applied for a large number of Vinnova & EU Horizon projects related to sustainability and climate and are constantly looking for new partnerships.


Dive into some of our sustainability work.

 Predictive waste management


With the help of IoT sensors, Bintel enables on-demand waste collections, shortening waste collection routes to an absolute minimum.

Backtick helps Bintel build intelligence algorithms for route optimization and fill level predictions to save both time, drive kilometres and uncessary waste emptying. A prime example of how clever technology can be used to optimize our current world and processes.

 Trip segmentation


Travel habits were previously collected manually through surveys. Today, Trivector has TravelVu, an app that anonymously tracks user movement and automatically builds a day-to-day itinerary of different modes of transportation based on GPS data.

Backtick helps with machine learning models and surrounding data analysis for trip segmentation and user patterns. These predictions and data are used to understand end-to-end user travel patterns and to plan for better public transportation and city infrastructure layout, reducing congestion and improving adoption of sustainable transportation such as trains and buses.

 Securing water flows


VASYD provides water services in Skåne, particularly around drinking water and waste water.

As much as 20% of drinking water is wasted due to leakage. To combat this, the digitization of the water industry boils down to installing IoT devices to measure water levels and flow rates to be able to detect leakage.

Backtick built time series prediction models for multiple use cases. For example we can accurately know how much water is needed in certain regions at certain times, allowing organizations to better plan and react to changes in climate, weather and fluctuating demand.

Sustainability Discount

Encouraging sustainable projects

To promote sustainable work, all projects with a clear sustainability focus are discounted by 10%. In order to keep the right incentives (i.e not promote higher paying clients), we self-finance these projects using an internal sustainability fund that we set aside cash to every year.


Friends & Partners

We are not alone!

Help from multiple great surrounding organizations and initiatives allow us to bring clusters of great ideas and competences together.


Mobile Heights

We're a proud member of Mobile Heights, a cluster organization that brings together businesses, academia and society to enable the future digital world. Mobile heights focuses on Digital Health, Digital Society and Digital Manufacturing & Materials.

Backtick and organizations within Mobile heights have collaborated and successfully created many win-win projects and deep dives together, particularly in sustainability and transportation.


AI Sweden

AI Sweden is the Swedish national center for applied artificial intelligence. Their mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden.

Among other things, Backtick participated in the Space Data Lab hackathon, "Copernicus" to understand how satellite data can be used to predict road conditions.



Vinnova opens the way for innovation that makes a difference. Vinnova has the task of promoting sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation. Hence, they provide public funding for various projects with Agenda 2030 as a core objective.

Backtick actively joins forces with with academia, research companies, society and private companies to build new products and services that take us closer to accomplishing the 17 global objectives in Agenda 2030.


Business Sweden

Among other things, Business Sweden creates awareness around sustainability and its impact on business. Focusing on five central areas, they help companies navigate complex markets and minimize risk.

Backtick recently got accepted to Business Sweden's LEAP program.

We collaborate to establish business in new markets that we know nothing about. Business Sweden helps greatly towards that effort, especially with regards to market maturity, product market fit and philosophies surrounding sustainability and ethical work.

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