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 Our investments


In our journey towards becoming a venture studio, we invest in internal products and external companies we find promising. On this page, you'll find a complete overview of our investments.


Info Investment year: 2023 Amount: 2,5 MSEK Tags: Big Data | Scalability | AI | Access | Governance

About Big data platform built on leading open source software with a scalable data lakehouse architecture.


Info Investment year: 2023 Amount: 500 KSEK Tags: ML Platform | Energy modelling | Optimization | Forecasting | Simulation

About Energy modelling platform to create, iterate and deploy state-of-the-art energy models for forecasting, optimization and simulation of distributed energy systems.

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Curious how we think about consultancy and investments?

We're building a venture studio aside the consultancy business with a dream of creating multiple kick-ass products together with our team, customers and partners.

Employees == Partners

We treat our employees as partners and share the equity across all ventures.