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Codecation is a motivating hackathon and a small-scale conference focused on exploring exciting ideas with like-minded engineers, all in comfort of beautiful surroundings.

Coding, designing, tinkering

15-20 engineers and entrepreneurs gather to share experiences and build new things together. All participants are tasked with bringing a project idea to the event. Most people work on their own in their own tempo, but groups are encouraged.

Sharing & caring

Every participant is encouraged to host a talk, sharing their expertise and topics of interest. At the end of Codecation, participants showcase their projects in a presentation format.


It's easy to forget about the outside world while on Codecation - that's kind of the point. Nevertheless, we encourage participants to go out and explore the beautiful surroundings.


To mitigate the negative effects of long coding sessions, we organize optional workout sessions and activities to make sure we get enough exercise every day.

Staying sharp at luxury villas

We make sure all Codecation locations have a fully featured spa so participants can relax and unwind. We usually start and end the day there.

The food

Participants with food interest indulge in the local ingredients and the fully equipped kitchen to cook dinners a few days of the week. For the other dinners, we hire professional chefs who come to the villa to cook for us.



We constantly try to figure out the necessary villa features and conditions for a perfect Codecation. That is why we've stayed at many different villas - and we constantly explore new ones!

In contrary to popular belief, renting a luxury villa like this is not prohibitively costly when shared by all guests - It would be more expensive to stay in hotels.



Spacious villa featuring Marbella's greatest private spa. Programming languages Rust and Go, audio engineering and generative AI models were popular topics.



7-story space-ship inspired villa situated at the foot of hike-friendly Sierra Nevada. Popular topics were virtual reality, magnetoresistive RAM, image recognition, deep fakes and autogenerated documentation.



Covidcation. Shorter visit where participants focused on API development, 3D-modelling and 3D data analysis.



Multiple hot tubs and lots of cooking in the outdoor kitchen. Self-driving vehicles, GraphQL, augmented reality and machine learning for running were hot topics this year.



Codecation grew from 6 to 12 people in the outskirts of Barcelona. Game development, GraphQL and convolutional neural networks were popular topics.



Penthouse apartment in Cannes where we figured out what Codecation should be all about.

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