Life at Backtick

Enjoying the journey

Shaping the future should be fun. We believe in quality, innovation and transparency and we do our best to reflect these values in our work, customer relations and working environment.

Learn more about our culture, team and the things we do to enjoy life at Backtick.

Flexible schedules

We know that people have different schedules. Find a schedule that works for you and your team and we're good.

Engineering freedom

You and your team have freedom to explore and choose tech stacks for the things you build.

Grow by learning

Great engineers learn from other great engineers. That's why we only hire the best.

Collaborate & elevate

We work in highly efficient and humble teams that produce quality software.


Nurturing great engineers

We believe that going to work should be fun, fulfilling and rewarding. That’s why we’re committed to making Backtick a great place to work for brilliant engineers.



We have found that when engineering teams are happy, they ship better code. Happiness is hard to quantify, but we discovered that it correlates strongly with autonomy, quality, self-ownership and having well defined long term goals. 

Great engineering teams aren’t great because they follow a process. They’re great because they invent and implement the processes necessary to ship great code. At Backtick, we don’t put our work into processes, we put the right processes around our work.

We let teams decide how they want to work. From project management to tooling.


So, why Backtick?

In a traditional sense, we’re a consulting company - but we try to think differently. We invest significant amounts of money into R&D and product development with the goal of one day becoming a venture studio.

We recently launched our first product and feel we're on the right track!


Company wide transparent pay levels. Salary bumps every six months.


Transparent, recurring options program that gives you shares in Backtick Valley, our holding company.

Flat structure

Come as you are. We're not much for hierarchy and titles.

Varied work

Consulting & product work - we do a bit of both!



Everyone at Backtick can join different groups that are important to the direction of the overall business. We encourage you to make an impact in matters important to you.

Examples: The Research & development team is responsible for tech innovation inside the company, and hosts various sessions such as ideation workshops and presentations of new potential technologies and opportunities.

The Validation and Investments team reviews investment cases we receive, both internally and externally and collectively decide what the company should invest time or money in. 


Remote work & our office

While we’re open to remote work, we encourage our employees to come into the office at least 3 days a week. We believe teamwork benefits from physical presence.

To simplify for commuters and encourage sustainable transportation methods, our office is strategically located in central Lund, just by the train station. We opted for a modern office with great ventilation, lighting and plenty of space to work, have meetings, relax, socialize and tinker with gear and do arts and crafts.



Codecation is our yearly offsite that started in 2017, a year before the inception of Backtick. The much appreciated hackathon is a yearly event to unwind and work on something inspiring and fun.

A week to uncorp and learn new things in a relaxing and sunny environment. Codecation is a retreat for all Backtick employees and a few of our partners and friends.


Staying sane

Great engineers need breaks. During the year, we organize multiple activities and events.


Running, swimming, HIIT, climbing, orienteering, biking, gym, kitesurfing. The list is long.


Board games and Office LANs where we play old favorites as well as the latest and greatest together.

Mandatory fun

Mandatory fun is a day off every once in a while. We hang out and work on something fun that improves our everyday life at Backtick, such as Harold, our slack bot.


Lots of fika! Don't worry, you only have to bake once a year.

 The Backtick

Autumn Adventure


Exploration, crafts & relaxation

Yearly forest adventure. Over the years, we've picked up a few fun skills like blacksmithing, woodworking, mountaineering, climbing, orienteering mountain biking, hiking, skeet shooting, outdoor cooking and more.

The autumn adventure is planned by two volunteering employees and the exact whereabouts and activities are kept a secret until it's time to start exploring.


Backtick Summit

Our own summit where we invite speakers and present a few topics ourselves to share skills and experiences.



We take time to celebrate releases and deadlines to improve our overall life quality and longevity.


Say 'Hi!'

Meet our team of engineers, data scientists and innovators.

 Why we exist

Mission / Vision

We exist to make consulting not suck for both employees, clients, startups and investors. We accomplish this through an exceptional engineering team, a startup mindset, and transparent equity models.

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