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Data Engineer

Python / Scala / Go

About you

We’re seeking a data engineer who is excited to work with new technologies and architectures in a friendly organization that focuses on transparency, quality and innovation. In your role, you will work in a humble and empathic engineering team to deliver fantastic experiences to both our clients and internal projects. The role involves writing lots of code and managing lots of data, so having a passion for programming and data is necessary. You have a genuine interest in solving problems at scale.

Our ideal candidate enjoys a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts with an open mind and eagerness to acquire new skills. Are you creative, eager to learn and prioritize quality in all of your work? Great, read on!

What you will do

You’ll work in a team and your primary goal will be to engineer systems for large scale data with modern development tools, frameworks and philosophies. Specifically, you will encounter challenges such as:

  • Designing data storage solutions for scalability & performance

  • Decoupling data ingest, storage & compute

  • Designing data schemas and partitioning data

  • Performing large scale ETL and analysis with distributed computing systems

  • Setting up and maintaining data pipelines

  • Providing dataset versioning and traceability to users

  • Building data discoverability tools and libraries for data scientists to simplify their lives

  • Choosing between multiple open source frameworks and libraries to provide a well engineered platform for massive amounts of data.

Personal Qualifications

We believe in the importance of personal development and actively work to ensure our coworkers get the tools they need. It’s not essential that you know everything, we’ll do our best to help you on your way! You probably have a background in computer science or a similar field, valuing simplicity and performance. In addition, you have:

  • Empathy and a humble attitude

  • An eagerness to make things better

  • A preference for writing clean and maintainable code

  • Acceptance for occasional hacky one-off solutions

Technical Qualifications

It’s not expected that you have expertise across all listed areas, but these are some of the things we work with on a daily basis:

  • Python, Scala or Go

  • Managed data platforms and warehouses such as Databricks, Snowflake

  • Data lakehouse architectures

  • Object storage (S3, Minio)

  • Relevant big data formats such as Parquet and Avro

  • Delta / Apache Iceberg

  • Data versioning tools such as dbt

  • Distributed computing systems (Spark / Dask / Trino)

  • Message queues such as RabbitMQ, MQTT, Kafka

  • Databases such as Postgres, MongoDB, Redis

  • Pipeline frameworks like Airflow, Dagster

  • CI/CD tools such as GH actions

  • Docker, Kubernetes

  • Linux, shell scripting

  • Git

Working at Backtick

Backtick is currently a small dedicated team. We are a group of people with diverse skills who appreciate transparency and a flat organization. As with many things, working here is hard to summarize but we’ll give it a go and say: it’s fun to come to work every day.

Our primary focus at Backtick is providing value to our customers while making sure our employees have the best workplace possible. We spend significant resources on R&D and product development with a vision of becoming a venture studio, encouraging employees to bring side projects to life. We believe in the development of our coworkers - in order for Backtick to succeed, we need our employees to succeed. Every year, we organize an autumn adventure trip, a spring get-away and the ever more popular hackathon Codecation


  • Competitive salary

  • Transparent equity model

  • Events, hackathons, and paid conferences.

  • A generous budget for hardware, education and tools

  • Lots of fun gear to play around with (3d-printer, bare metal office cluster)

  • Flexible work hours and vacation.

  • Fika 🍪

  • Great coffee

Ready to apply?

If you are interested in this position, please reach out with a brief introduction and your resume to:

Michal Stypa

Michal Stypa

Founder & CEO

Working here

Curious about Backtick?

Learn more about our culture, team and the things we do to enjoy life at Backtick.

So, why Backtick?

In a traditional sense, we’re a consulting company - but we try to think differently. We invest significant amounts of money into R&D and product development with the goal of one day becoming a venture studio.

We recently launched our first product and feel we're on the right track!


Company wide transparent pay levels. Salary bumps every six months.


Transparent, recurring options program that gives you shares in Backtick Valley, our holding company.

Flat structure

Come as you are. We're not much for hierarchy and titles.

Varied work

Consulting & product work - we do a bit of both!